Dear guests!

Our meals are based on the diversity and digestibility of Thai cuisine. Presumably, the roots of our motivation cooking Thai food might be found in our childhood. Our cooking style is inspired by our families, typical Thai families, where there was always something to eat for 24 hours a day.

Grandma, Grandpa, mother, father, brother, sister or myself, somebody was always cooking something, and the intense flavours of lime, ginger, sweet or sharp Thai basil, chili, fresh seafood, chicken or fried pork moved through our home and in our hearts.


Please don’t be scared by the word chili!

Ultimately, we need to correct a prejudice against the Thai cuisine. The Thai food is not always hot and spicy. The dishes are intensely flavoured with many herbs and some dishes, for example a Red Thai Curry without coconut milk, has much chili in it. If you don’t like this intense hot and spicy taste, many alternative dishes are offered. Our menu will give you a variety of mild, fruity, spicy, and hot and spicy dishes. Since we prepare all dishes fresh à la minute for every single guest, we are able to prepare all dishes according to your individual wishes.

We do not use additional flavour enhancers, glutamate for example. We prefer the pure intense taste of the variety of sun-spoiled Thai herbs.

Whether „Tuk“ or „Yo“, the food it is always based on family recipes, originally Thai cooked. I, ‚Tuk‘ from Baan Tak, which is located in the North-western interior of Thailand, brings the traditional dishes with pork, chicken, and fishes from the river, as for example Thai catfish in the menu.

I, your „Yo“, grew up 210 km southwest of Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand, in Hua Hin, the resort of the Royal family. The basis for our intense cuisine at Baan Chang, is training in the restaurant of my mother in Hua Hin. There we all worked – after school! – as children and so I learned to cook the recipes of my mother. The tamarind sauce Swas always so sweet for us children, tamrind is an Asian date, the smell was like a poem. But also the many curries prepared lovingly in a mortar, were great. Early in the morning, when our mother freshly prepared the curries, the whole restaurant smelled fromChili, galanga, galgant, lemon grass and lemon leaces, Holapa, Kaprow, the spicy and sweet Thai basil and also garlic. The fresh, fried seafood or the hot roast beef with green chili, basil, garlic and lemon leaves have influenced us all.

The visit at „Baan Chang“ is not only aimed to your the culinary delights, it is instead a holistic experience provided. Through the combination of wood furnishings, textiles, glass and metals with warm tones, modern music from the styles of trip hop, drum ’n bass, ambience, acid jazz and quieter bonds from the area of Goa and light fruity cocktails, it is a holistic relaxing feeling generated, which softens the stress we may have. And of course, delicious, light Thai meals will be served as well.

Seafood in green Thai Curry, Gaeng Khiewan Tale ( แกงเขียวหวานทะเล )

The green curry from Hua Hin has gained fame for many decades even far from Hua Hin. For many decades the Jet-Set from Bangkok is going on weekend to Hua Hin to enjoy seafood at Madame Green (Jay Khiew), directly on the sea, densely packed over 2 floors on plastic chairs or rustic wooden benches. We also brought our house recipe to Mönchengladbach. Seafood in the Green Thai Curry with coconut milk, bamboo, Thai eggplant, Thai baby eggplant, lemon leaves, paprika, chili, Zucchini, Grachai, and sweet basil – medium hot and spicy

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Sour spicy soup with lobster crab, Tom Yum Gung (ต้มยํากุ้ง)

The Tom Yum Gung is the classic soup on the hotel menu. Most visitors to Thailand have eaten it. There is big variety in preparing the Tom Yum Gung. At Baan Chang we serve the Tom Yum Gung as clear soup without coconut milk. On request, it is served with coconut milk, of course. But all Tom Yum soups have one thing in common, the fine fruity sour and spicy taste of lime, lemon grass, lemon leaves, chili, fresh cilantro and spicy Thai basil.

Our Menus