In our Baan Chang – Thai Garden restaurant we offer you best Thai cuisine. Our recipes are inspired by the traditional cuisine of our mothers from Baan Tak and Hua Hin.

The Baan Chang Thai restaurant in Mönchengladbach is offers absolute traditional Thai cooking. „Tuk“ Wasana Promrong, and „Yo“ Busba Gehrhardt travelled through many winding paths finally to Mönchengladbach, to open their Thai restaurant with many traditional family recipes.

The road was long and the two friends from Thailand went via Zurich, Munich and finally to Mönchengladbach. In Munich, both partners were still competitors. Their competition led both to become always a little better than the other. There was always a friendly and respectful competition. The company Christmas parties were often celebrated at the place of the other respected competitor.


Baan Chang is called in English „Elephant House“. The name was inspired by Mrs. Soraida Salwala. Soraida is the founder of the first elephant hospital on Earth. Soraida’s elephant hospital is located in Lampang, Thailand, about 40 km South-East of Chiang Mai. There are more than 4,000 elephants have been treated since the founding of the hospital in 1993.


The „Chang“, the elephant is Thailand’s national animal. For centuries elephants were Thailand’s most important transport and working animals and thus stand for tradition and wealth. Baan is the home, the House with a garden, which is so big with his garden, dared the luck of Thai elephants in place.

You will find current information about the „friends of the Asian elephant“ elephant hospital here or on  Facebook


Baan Chang – Thai Garten Restaurant, im Innenhof des Marienhofs!

Baan Chang Team


„Tuk“ Wasana

As Managing Director she is responsible as chef de cuisine and is contributing her family recipes. Tuk worked in the hospitality industry since 1980 and ran, since 1990, as an independent Director several restaurant in Germany and Thailand, such as the Chantra in Nymphenburg, Munich (1989-1998). Kun Tuk restaurant in Schwabing. In the last few years in Thailand she managed the Chaba Lagoon, Thai Garden restaurant in Chainat and Urosia, Italian and Bavarian food in Baan Tak, her hometown.


„Yo“ Busba

Responsible for the service and as deputy chef der cuisine responsible for the recipes from Hua Hin.

Yo worked since 1993 in the restaurants in Munich, and became an entrepreneur in 1995 with a catering service.

In 1999, Yo then founded the Chang Noi Thai restaurants, Chang Noi – original Thai, according to mother’s House recipes, the Chang Noi lounge & Thai restaurant, as well as the Chang Noi – Thai fusion with modern Thai cuisine from Bangkok. After studying business administration in Chiang Mai, Yo became a student in Switzerland in 1990. There, Yo met her husband from Munich, with whom Yo moved to Munich in 1992.


„Cherry“ Siriwan

Barkeeper and service ‘Cherry’, the former manager of the Chang Noi , Kapuzinerstr. in Munich is an another all-rounder in the team. She mixes unique cocktails, cooking, taps, collects the cash and always has a smile on her face.

Jürgen Wyen

Paper Tiger, event management, administration.

At the age of 16, Jürgen was frequently named as one of the biggest concert promoter in the left lower Rhine region. Every month he hired several regional and national bands for the Rheindahlener youth centre over many, many years. During his studies, Jürgen hired also bands from Mönchengladbach to Berlin. Jürgen worked, after his successful studies of mathematics in Berlin and New York, until 2002 in the statistics, clinical development and pharmaceutical marketing. In 2005, he founded a GmbH together with Yo, in order to open the second and third Chang Noi Restaurant.

Baan Chang Historie


Der Beginn...

wurde ich „Tu“ in Tak, Thailand geboren


Hua Hin

wurde ich, „Yo“ in Hua Hin geboren


Bis 1980

Bis 1980 habe ich als Verkäuferin im Malameen Furniture Store
gearbeitet und bin dann mehrere Jahre durch diverse Länder gereist


Köchin, Service Trainee

als Köchin, Service Trainee bei meiner Mutter im Take it Easy


Restaurant Hua Hin

um 1983 schließlich die höhere Handelsschule in Bangkok zu besuchen



Studium der Betriebswirtschaftlehre an der Universität Chiang Mai



Bis 1989 sammelte ich diverse Erfahrungen in unterschiedlichen
Restaurants im Service und in der Küche



1989 Eröffnung meines Chantra Restaurants in München Neuhausen,



1992 mit meinem Ehemann nach München gezogen



1993 Tellerwäscher im Krankenhaus



Servicekraft im Mai Thai, Leopoldstr. München


Tatort Auftritt

Schauspielerin im Tatort „Frau Bu lacht“ vom Dominique Graf



Eröffnung meines Kun Tuk Restaurants, welches ich 200 an meine
Partnerin Suzana Nadj verkaufte



Oberkellnerin in Kun Tuk



Kun Tuk Restaurant…welches ich 1998 verkaufen konnte. Video



Eröffnung meine Chang Noi – Original Thai Restaurants, Kapuzinerstr., in München.

Chang Noi:  Video-01, Video-02


Eröffnung des Khun Chan

Eröffnung des Khun Chan Restaurants im Ambience Rivoli Hotel in
München Sendling, wo ich bis 2000 als Restaurantleiterin arbeitete


Chanba Lagoon

Eröffnung meines Chanba Lagoon in Chai Nat. Video


„Chang Noi – Lounge & Thai Restaurants“

Eröffnung des „Chang Noi – Lounge & Thai Restaurants“ in
München Neuhausen. Video-01, Video-02


„Chang Noi – Thai Fusion“

Eröffnung des Chang Noi – Thai Fusion in München Schwabing

Video-01, Video-02



Eröffnung des Baan Chang – Thai Garten Restaurants im Innenhof des Marienhofs in Mönchengladbach


Baan Chang und Thaikultur


Die Baan Chang Story

Im letzten Jahrhundert (1999) haben meine beiden Schwestern Apple und Tan mit mir das erste Restaurant – Original Thai Restaurant in der xxxx eröffnet. Die Grundlage für unseren Erfolg ist die fundierte Ausbildung im Restaurant unserer Mutter in Hua Hin.


Aktuelles & Stellenangebot

Hier finden Sie unsere Wochenkarte und aktuelle Stellenangebote. Auch wenn keine Stelle aktuell ausgeschrieben ist, freuen wir uns auf Ihre Initiativbewerbung. Im Chang Noi bilden wir auch zur Fachkraft Gastgewerbe oder Restaurantfachkraft aus.


Online Reservierung

Hier finden Sie unseren direkten Link zu unserer Reservierungsplattform. Sie können bis 16:00 Uhr für den gleichen Tag reservieren. Nach 16:00 bitten wir Sie aus organisatorischen Gründen uns telefonisch, unter der +49-……………………………………….. zu kontaktieren.


Baan Chang in Pictures

We serve hot meals from 11:30 14:30 and 17.30 to 22.00 pm.

We are also open on holidays during the week!

Our telephone number is: +49-2161-698 33 11

Baan Chang Gallery